Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Safer HGVs to be deployed in Cambridge

After the posts 'Banning HGVs is likely to negatively impact road safety' and Safer Trucks, positive news from one operator:
The safety of our staff, communities, clients, contractors and the people we work alongside is of utmost importance to Mick George. The introduction of these Econic chassis further underlines our determination to minimize the risk to vulnerable road users. The enhanced field of vision which this vehicle offers will be a real advantage to our drivers when navigating through cities or in complex situations, while its two-step low entry minimizes the possibility of injury when accessing the cab.
Vulnerable road users welcomed the recent decision by the Mayor of London:
There are around 35,000 of the zero star-rated ‘off-road’ HGVs currently operating on London’s roads, and they were involved in around 70 per cent of cyclist fatalities involving HGVs in the last three years. It is this type of vehicles the Mayor has pledged to remove from London’s roads by 2020.
But the MPA, the trade association and lobbying body for the aggregates, asphalt, cement, concrete industry still doesn't get it. It continues to tweet like a broken record, whilst the fatalities continue.