Friday, 14 July 2017

AI’s modus operandi

Many will be surprised to learn that it wouldn’t be Aggregate Industries' personnel rolling up their sleeves and quarrying Straitgate Farm. According to the company:

Contractors would haul any material off site.
Contractors would be engaged for soil stripping, earthworks and restoration.
And contractors are expected to be brought in to extract any sand and gravel.

It’s AI’s hard-nosed modus operandi: screwing down costs now it's part of the lean mean LafargeHolcim money counting machine, as workers facing the sack at AI’s Glensanda superquarry are finding out:
“They are simply sticking two fingers up at the regulations and the hard-working employees formerly of Hargreaves. This is a terrible time for GMB Scotland members working at that quarry.”
Glensanda has cropped up on this blog before. Material from the quarry is even shipped to Devon.