Monday, 22 June 2015

Human receptors - and the numbers you won’t find in AI’s application

SLR claims to have counted the bats and dormice, not the great crested newts, but there’s no mention anywhere in Aggregate Industries' planning application of the number of people that could be affected.

Besides all those who live along the B3180, who would have to put up with some 140,000 HGV movements over 5 years, SLR says: "Excepting a limited number of isolated farms and residential properties there are no other human receptors close to the site" 2.27.

What SLR should have said was within 200m of the site there are 61 properties with 146 permanent residents; furthermore planning permission currently exists for a further 17 properties (up to 50 further residents); furthermore Long Range Hotel has staff of 6, regularly 28 guests and daily swimming classes of up to 30; furthermore Kings School (1150 students) and Ottery Hospital are both within 2km, in relation to PM10 and PM2.5 carcinogenic dust particles.

What AMEC should have said was that most recent figures show 106 people rely on the spring water from Straitgate for their drinking water supplies, together with 3 farms, and 2000 visitors to Cadhay's tearooms each year.

Did SLR and AMEC not know these numbers? Of course they did - they just didn’t want to say.