Thursday, 18 June 2015

What maximum number of HGVs would SLR have quoted if we hadn’t counted them?

AI’s planning application for Venn Ottery in 2010 talked about an average of 138 HGV movements a day over a 4 day week, yet, on the one random day we checked, it was 194.

SLR’s Transport Assessment claims that this figure we chanced to count also happens to be the maximum number of HGV movements, and that there were only 3 days in the last 12 months like this:
Over the previous three years an average of 398,000 tonnes of material per year has been extracted and transported to Blackhill Quarry. This is equivalent to a daily average of 67 HGV trips each way, or a total of 134 movements each day, with a maximum number of movements up to 194 seen on occasion. 2.3.1 …in the past 12 months there have been three days during which HGV trip generation exceeded 90 trips per day (180 movements). 5.2
What's the chance of that??

AI's proposals for Straitgate Farm entail some 140,000 HGV movements over 5 years, but SLR writes this off and says "the increased flows along [the B3180] are insignificant to cause a noticeable impact to road users" 4.3. There are likely to be many statements in SLR’s transport reports that will anger local people; here’s one that might - it’s the last paragraph of the Transport Assessment:
Based on the findings of this assessment it can be concluded that the proposed development will have no material adverse impact on the operation or safety of the local road network. The proposed mitigation measures would offset any adverse impact generated by the proposed development. The benefits of any mitigation would be extensive, improving operation and safety beyond that experienced in the existing situation. 8.0
And the almighty mitigation measures that would offset the 1.2 million HGV miles, the impacts on road safety, air pollution and climate change? AI offers to cut back the trees on its own property, and change the Old A30/B3174 road junction to facilitate its own trucks 7.0. Local people will be thrilled.

In our view, SLR's transport reports for the Straitgate proposal are as far removed from reality as any we have seen. We suggest local people read these sections, here and here, and then tell DCC what really goes on along the B3180.