Thursday, 16 March 2017

AI’s 2.5 million miles would mean ‘31 tonnes of NOx air pollution and 4,463 of these’

...based on these figures; real world emissions - as shown by dieselgate - are likely to be even higher.

You wont find these numbers, or the mileage of its haulage scheme to Uffculme, in Aggregate Industries' new planning application for Straitgate Farm. Which is funny, because:

How thoughtful and responsible is this?

AI plans to haul as-dug material to Uffculme; 20% of this would be silt - a waste product. Therefore, of the total 2.5 million miles, 20% or 500,000 miles would effectively be for waste. How sustainable is that?

How does AI square the 2.5 million miles, with the policy conflict in M22 of Devon's newly adopted Minerals Plan: "mineral development should minimise the distance that minerals are transported"?

AI's answer is by giving us road improvements. Local people here may be surprised we need them, but:
The Applicant... is proposing improvements at both ends of the route between Straitgate Farm and Hillhead Quarry. The widening of Birdcage Lane at Straitgate will provide a safe means of accessing the B3174 Exeter Road... 5.4.10 SS
The Applicant considers that the highway infrastructure improvement measures included in both planning applications are sufficient to outweigh the negative impact of transporting the Straitgate minerals to Hillhead Quarry for processing and, therefore, overcome the apparent conflict with Policy M22. 5.4.11 
You have to laugh. What world does AI live in? It's quite bizarre how AI thinks that the negative impact of air pollution and 4,463 tonnes of CO2 with an atmospheric lifetime of up to 200 years can be outweighed with some road improvements.

And it's not just that. It's acknowledged that Clay Lane at Hillhead needs improvements - to accommodate AI's trucks - but Birdcage Lane?? Well, it's been managing just fine thanks - for farmers, dog-walkers, cyclists, joggers, ramblers, horse-riders, even sheep. Up until now at least.

Perhaps AI has difficulty putting those abstract CO2 numbers into context. If so, here's an example that might help. This hydro electric system in Lyme Regis hopes to save 13 tonnes of CO2 annually. It would need to operate for 343 years to balance AI’s senseless plans.