Monday, 20 March 2017

AI’s previous traffic consultants had different ideas altogether

After Are AI’s B3174 Exeter Road traffic count figures fictitious? and You really couldn't make this up you have to ask yourself, how did AI's latest consultants arrive at the conclusion that: 
The traffic impact assessment has been conducted using a figure of 200 movements per day and concludes that the proposed development at Straitgate Farm is acceptable in highway terms. 8.7
another set of consultants are set to recommend that, for safety reasons, HGVs exiting the site would be restricted to only turning left onto this fast straight road...
And before that, AI's previous consultants SLR told us how dangerous the B3174 Exeter Road would be:
The southern option, onto the B3174, was dismissed early in the process on highway safety grounds 5.44
It's no surprise those comments don't appear in AI’s new application. In fact, funnily enough, completely the reverse:
The presently proposed access is better for goods vehicle movements from Straitgate Farm than the initially proposed route. 9.29
So what made this set of consultants say it was such a good idea? When at least two other sets of consultants didn't?

Because, in reality, lumbering 44-tonne trucks turning right, across this fast road, to travel up the hill to Daisymount is obviously no better. In fact, many local people think it's downright dangerous. This recent sign on Birdcage Lane had it right. AI should have taken note.